6 or "Workin' on my fitness"

Since this summer has started (well, once the Spring semester ended for me at Sac State and until my Summer semester at American River College started), I have been trying to find new things to do to keep me physically active. Joining roller derby has helped to keep me active but I was looking for something else to keep me busy and something that would ultimately help me in derby. Anywho, I took a Summer class at American River College so I don't have to take it next year at Sac State. Taking a six week class for less than $80 is better then taking a 16 week class for thousands of dollars. It also helps that I live about 4 miles away from ARC, so I originally thought about taking the bus (which runs from Sac State to ARC with my home only 2 blocks from the bus stop) for a while. The problem with this idea was that I had to get to the bus stop by 715 am and I got to school at 735am leaving me with about 30 minutes to kill before my class.

I had found an old green Schwinn Collegiate bicycle last year when I was working with the US Census. I fixed it up and have been trying to bike as much as possible. In June, I biked about 80 miles. Most of it was just from school and back. This month, I am trying to make it 100 miles. I am almost there. 60+ miles down.

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