24 or Life finds a way...

It has been almost 4 years since I have written in this thing. Life was different back then. Many things have changed. Some for the better and some for the not so better.

But I am trying to make this whole situation a lot better.

Today is the first day post election 2016 and unfortunately, the biggest turd won the presidency. I could not sleep all night because of the gut wrenching feeling of being a 30-something minority female in a (soon to be) post Obama society.

I went to the gym and actually ran my frustration out! I managed to find a treadmill facing a wall. I walked/ ran to my running mix and my personal anthem by A$AP Rocky.

24:08 minutes completed.
Current weight: 230

Mantra: "I'm going Wild for the night, fuck being polite"


Jaunary Totals:

Weight for the Month of January

1/3: 194
1/4: 195
1/5: 196
1/7: 194
1/8: 196
1/10: 196
1/12: 193
1/13: 195
1/15: 194
1/16: 194
1/17: 193
1/18: 193
1/19: 195
1/22: 198
1/23: 199
1/24: 198
1/25: 196
1/28: 193
1/29: 196
1/31: 194

January High: 199
January Low: 193


2013... Keeping the pace... Day #6

So, after not being active for the past few days, we went out to the track at American River College and did some laps. I decided to jog at a nice comfortable pace instead of running hard and taking walking breaks half way through. I managed to jog about 4 laps (which I believe is about 1 1/3 miles) non stop and walked 2 laps. I was actually surprised myself by how long I was able to keep up a good pace without breaking. After we did our work on the track, we did a combination of squats, pushups, walking lunges, and dips.

I hope we can keep this up. Maybe one day I can actually keep a good enought pace and do a 5k.


2013... The year of the Man Ram... Day #1

Today is day #1 of 2013. And I hate making goals or resolutions... Mostly because I am bad at keeping promises or actually following through with them. I find myself to be more of an impulse person and just do what I feel like instead of making plans.

Perhaps if I set myself some mini goals, that might help me out?! Maybe I will write out a list of things that I want to accomplish in the new year or the things that I would like to get a jump on in the year. Here is my list in no particular order (but graduating is my top priority):

  • Graduate from Sac State.
  • Get a job.
  • Weigh at least 180 then proceed to 160 or lower.
  • Kick ass at CrossFit.
  • Train my new puppy, Chorizo.
  • Get my passport.
  • Get rid of the excess crap that I own.
  • Start a retirement account.
  • Be a better girlfriend to Paul.

I am looking forward to what adventures 2013 will have for me. This will be my last year as a 20something. On Friday, December 13th I will turn the big 3-0. While I am not looking forward to it, knowing that I have a wonderful partner in Paul who supports me with all my crazy shenanigans makes it easier to deal with! I will try my hardest to keep this blog updated with my fitness and eating progress and I will have a 2013 before picture taken sometime soon.

Weight: 195
Goal #1: 180



21 or Slow and steady...

A quick post before I head off to bed...
Today was a small class. Only 4 of us. I kinda like that.

Here is what we did:

First, we learned how to do "kipping pull-ups". I understand how to do them but having my body actually execute them is another story.

The workout:

3 rounds for time
35 dumbbell push presses with whatever weight we choose
Using that weight "farmers walk" (think of how a farmer looks like carrying 2 pails of water) to a stop sign about 1/4 mile away.
When we came back and had to do a walking lunge from our building to the bank across the parking lot and then turn around and back again.

I am not sure what the final time of our workout was (our other trainer wasn't really keeping track like he said he would) but I think it was something around 20 minutes give or take. My hands were cramping up from holding the 2 12lb weights but I am feeling it in my shoulders today.
I know the workout we did does not seem like it was a lot so, here is a map of what it looks like... Maybe the next time we do another workout outside, I will post another photo of where we went.

From our building to the stop sign was about 0.10 miles... And on the way back, that is 0.2 miles... Times 3 times = 0.6 miles walking with 24 lbs in my hands.

I hope tomorrow morning will be much better.