13 or Making time...

I have been slacking. Ugh. Not the kind of progress I am looking for. School is now well into week #3 and with me starting back up with derby again, life has been a little crazy. And with all this craziness going on, I can feel all the hard work that I have been putting into my working out and dieting is falling behind... I just need to make the time to do the things I need to. My first priority is to my college career. This is my last year and I need to make it count. Second is my health (and the health of P.M. too). Third is my family. Fourth is derby. Anywho...

Tomorrow morning I am going to wake my ass up at 520am and head to the gym for some tough sweaty love. Then the day is filled with actually trying to do some homework and finishing some household chores that have been neglected since school started.

I am going to attempt to keep track of what I ate and (perhaps) what working out I have done. I need this to become my motivation.

  • Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs, 2 small sausage patties and a protein shake. I took a coffee to school to drink (which lasted from 8 am till 1130 am which was much appreciated during my asian art lecture at 9 am.)
  • Lunch: left over pulled pork sammiches with cole slaw, some chippies and a Dr Pepper.
  • Snack: blueberry brown cow yogurt.
  • Dinner: stuffed bell peppers filled with pork/ chicken sausage and yummy cheese! (and a water to drink since my pomegranate/ lemon tea wasn't brewed yet)

I have not weighed myself since Sunday (The Super Bowl is a bad day for dieters) but when I did, I managed to jump my weight back up to 200. Biggest set back in a long time. Here is to getting back on track.

Till tomorrow!


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