21 or Slow and steady...

A quick post before I head off to bed...
Today was a small class. Only 4 of us. I kinda like that.

Here is what we did:

First, we learned how to do "kipping pull-ups". I understand how to do them but having my body actually execute them is another story.

The workout:

3 rounds for time
35 dumbbell push presses with whatever weight we choose
Using that weight "farmers walk" (think of how a farmer looks like carrying 2 pails of water) to a stop sign about 1/4 mile away.
When we came back and had to do a walking lunge from our building to the bank across the parking lot and then turn around and back again.

I am not sure what the final time of our workout was (our other trainer wasn't really keeping track like he said he would) but I think it was something around 20 minutes give or take. My hands were cramping up from holding the 2 12lb weights but I am feeling it in my shoulders today.
I know the workout we did does not seem like it was a lot so, here is a map of what it looks like... Maybe the next time we do another workout outside, I will post another photo of where we went.

From our building to the stop sign was about 0.10 miles... And on the way back, that is 0.2 miles... Times 3 times = 0.6 miles walking with 24 lbs in my hands.

I hope tomorrow morning will be much better.

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