20 or Teamwork...

Holy crap. A work out with a team is kinda intimidating.

Here is what we did...

Since there was only 5 of us, we were split into 2 teams, the three other people on one team and me, P and our trainer on another team.

We had to, as a team, complete the following workout in any order possible:

21 box pushes across the gym with at least 20+ lbs weight.
4000 meter row.

All while someone holds a 95 or 135 lb bar off the ground...

The catch... If the person holding the bar drops it, the whole team has to do 25 burpees.

Long story short, since I am uber weak, I elected to do most of the rowing (something that I love to do anyways) and some of the box pushes while P and Ronnie (the trainer) did most of the holding of the weight...

Our team came in last by like 2 seconds.

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